Rev. Gary lights the candle on the altar with Buddha.  Bride and groom then light the incense and place offerings of flowers and fruit on the altar
table, and then bow three times.

Blowing of the pu. (conch)
O ke aloha ke kuleana o kahi malahini. “Love is the host in this land.”
He pilikani kakaou apau ma Hawaii nei. “Here in Hawaii we are all family.”
Aloha komo mai. “Welcome with love.”

We have come together here today to share with you, ¬¬¬¬¬______ and you, ______, a most important moment in your lives, that moment in
which you publicly declare your desire to share your lives, one with the other.  

In truth, no person or agency has the right or the power to unite you, as this act took place when your hearts came together and agreed to be
involved in a committed and loving relationship.  We have the honor therefore, to witness that which has already taken place in spirit, now being
declared in the physical.

______ and ______, you have come to this beautiful island and presented yourselves before me and all that we call loving and compassionate.

Lei Blessing
A lei is given in a spirit of thankfulness.  Each blossom is picked from the Earth, and then strung one by one so each will shine at its most brilliant.  
It is a symbol of beauty, made with care and given with love.

A lei is a circle of beauty, without beginning, without end.
A lei encircles the head and touches the heart.
A lei delights the senses and inspires wonder.
A lei is as fragile as today, as enduring as memory.
A lei is a Divine expression of the universe, fashioned by human hands.

As you exchange these lei you will begin to weave your lei in life together with love.  Take a moment before giving your lei to each other by sharing
whatever is in your heart right now.  And then in the island style, with loving aloha please present your lei to one another with a smile and a kiss
upon each other’s cheek.

To the Bride and the Groom
There are no human ties so sweet and tender as those you are about to assume.  There are no vows so solemn as those you are about to make.  And
no institution on Earth is so sacred as that of the home you will share together.  

True marriage is the holiest of all earthly unions.  It is to be entered into reverently, thoughtfully, with full understanding of its sacredness.  And,
marriage to be complete must first be spiritual; an inner state of conscious unity in thought and purpose, in plan and action, brings an outer state
that corresponds with it.  This allows the outer to be like the inner – peaceful and harmonious.

On this day of your marriage you stand somewhat apart from all other human beings, for you stand within the charmed circle of your love for each
other.  This love is not your possession.  It is a source of common energy that flows freely through each of you and gives you the courage to live
your lives more fully.

You stand before me now in the true spirit of Aloha.  Aloha recognizes a bonding of all people and expresses that bonding through love, affection,
compassion and kindness.  Aloha acknowledges the value and worth of all people.  For your desire to integrate the spirit of Aloha within the
framework of a meaningful life together, you deserve great respect.  

You also deserve to experience love that will continually bring you joy and make both of you better people--a love that will give you the strength to
face the responsibilities of married life, for there will be many.  

And, you deserve a home, but not just a place like you have now that’s made of stone and wood.  Rather, allow your home to be an island, a
sanctuary of serenity, where the values of your lives are generated and upheld.  

So that finally, when you come to the end of your lives together, I know you will be able to say these two things to each other:  Because you have
loved me, I have faith in myself, and because I have seen the good in you, I have faith in all humanity.

From the Buddhist Marriage Homily:
To say the words love and compassion is easy.  But to accept that love and compassion are built upon patience and perseverance is not easy.  Your
marriage will be firm and lasting if you remember this.

The state of matrimony is true marriage when based upon a deep spiritual communion of two souls who find satisfaction in each other.  Do you
understand this?

Marriage is composed of two separate beings, each of them different, seeking life’s fulfillment together.  Today, as husband and wife, you open
the doors to the endless possibilities to your future, and to the opportunity to love as you have never loved before.

Will you, ______ and ______, bring to this new life, each for the sake of the other, the very best that you have?

The Five Precepts
Refrain from destroying or harming living creatures - A partner's actions should never lead to harm of any kind including emotional suffering. Every
action with regard to a partner should be based on the teaching of respect and love.

Refrain from taking that which is not given - In the context of marriage, this precept expresses the need to maintain an equal and respectful
relationship and to share the duties and responsibilities of married life and family.

Refrain from sexual misconduct - One should be faithful to one's spouse and not participate in adulterous relationships. Respectful attention to
the sexual needs and desires of one's spouse is an important part of refraining from misconduct.

Refrain from false speech - Marriage should be based in truthfulness.  An essential component of this precept is to create and maintain an open
channel of communication between spouses.

Refrain from intoxicating drugs or drink which cloud the mind - As a clear mind is important in living one's life, so too are clear headedness and
clear thinking essential components in married life.

Invitation to Commitment
Please face each other and join your right hands.

______, do you take ______, whose hand you hold, choosing her alone to be your wife?  Will you love her, comfort her, honor her at all times, and
forgetting all others remain faithful to her alone?
(Repeat for the bride using husband/him.)

Exchange of Vows
______, please repeat after me.

I, ______, take you ______…to be my wife…to love and to cherish
…from this day forward…and thereto…I pledge you my faith.
(Repeat for the bride.)

Giving of Rings
Your rings by their very shape are symbols of eternal unity without beginning or end.  They are the emblem of the love that exists between you and
characterize your devotion to one another.  Let them always remind you of the commitments you make today.

______, this ring is a symbol of the unbroken unity of married life.  As such, you will place it on ______’s finger after repeating the following

I give you this ring…with all of my heart…let it always be to us…a symbol of our love…as a token of our faithfulness…each to the other…I place it
now upon your hand.
(Repeat for the bride.)

______and ______, together may you live your lives following the lessons of Buddha to be loving, compassionate, and respectful to each other.  
May the love you have found grow in meaning and strength until its beauty is shown in common devotion to all that is compassionate and life-
giving.  May the flow of your love help brighten the face of the earth.  May the source of all love touch and bless us and grace our lives with color
and courage.  

Pronouncement of Marriage
Having joined your hearts with the expression of your love, having promised each other all the joy of your days; by the authority vested in me by the
state of Hawaii, it gives me great pleasure to pronounce that you are now Husband and Wife.

You may seal your covenant with a kiss.
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