Blowing of the pu. (conch)
O ke aloha ke kuleana o kahi malahini. “Love is the host in this land.”
He pilikani kakaou apau ma Hawaii nei. “Here in Hawaii we are all family.”
Aloha komo mai. “Welcome with love.”

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai
Welcome in the name of Adonai
Mi Adir el hakol
Splendor is upon everything
Mi Baruch el hakol
Blessing is upon everything
Mi Gadol el hakol
Who is full of this abundance
Ye’varesh hahatan v’hakallah.
Bless this groom and bride
_________ and _______ drink some of the wine.

It is believed that the relationship of bride and groom increases the potential for peace and holiness in the world.  We have come together here
today, on this _______ day of the month of ______ in _______, since the creation of the world as we reckon, here on _______ in Maui, Hawaii to
share with you, ______ and ______, a most important moment in your lives, that moment in which you publicly declare your desire to share your lives,
one with the other.  May the commitment you make today prove to be a source of blessing for all humanity.  ______ and _______have the honor to
witness your betrothal and we are honored to stand here with you.

Lei Blessing
A lei is given in a spirit of thankfulness.  Each blossom is picked from the Earth, then strung one by one so each will shine at its most brilliant.  It is a
symbol of beauty, made with care and given with love.  A lei is a circle of beauty, without beginning, without end.  A lei encircles the head and
touches the heart.  
A lei delights the senses and inspires wonder.  A lei is as fragile as today, as enduring as memory.  
A lei is a Divine expression of the universe, fashioned by human hands.

In ancient Hawaii, when two people exchanged lei, they came together, touched noses and foreheads and took a deep breath.  This was called honi.  
And the reason they did this was to share the breath of God, Aloha. Aloha literally means the breath of God:  Alo, meaning the Spirit radiating
through the universe, and Ha, being the breath.  Aloha, breath of God.  Now, as you present these lei to each other, first place the lei over the head,
then come in a touch noses and foreheads and take a deep breath.  And know that right here right now you are in the Divine presence.  May the
attributes of these lei forever inspire your lives.  They were offered in the spirit of Aloha.

A Reading
What is Marriage?
Marriage is giving…not giving up or giving in, but giving love and being loved.
Marriage is not the loss of identity, it is the birth of a more beautiful identity,
A special identity that only the two of you will really know.
Marriage is soft, not weak.  Strong, but not insensitive.  
Brave, but not without wisdom.
Together, but not at the expense of one another.
Marriage is young and new each day, tender and reflective each night.
Marriage knows not years as we count time…marriage is for the heart.
Marriage is love finding its home.
Contemporary Jewish Ceremony, by Rev. Gary Canier (continued)

To the Bride and the Groom
There are no human ties so sweet and tender as those you are about to assume.  There are no vows so solemn as those you are about to make.   Since
on the day of one’s wedding God forgives the bride and groom of all previous transgressions, today is seen as a private Yom Kippur for you both.

On this day of your marriage you stand somewhat apart from all other human beings, for you stand within the charmed circle of your love for each
other.  This love is not your possession.  It is a source of common energy that flows freely through each of you and gives you the courage to live your
lives more fully.

Though you are not standing under the traditional chupah, take a moment and recognize that this wedding ceremony takes place under the canopy of
the open sky.  Here you stand in a place that is totally open to God.  Today, as husband and wife, you open the doors to the endless possibilities to
your future, and to the opportunity to love as you have never loved before.

Will you, ______ and ______, bring to this new life, each for the sake of the other, the very best that you have?

Invitation to Commitment
Please face each other and join your right hands.

______, do you take ______, whose hand you hold, choosing her alone to be your wife?  Will you love her, comfort her, honor her at all times, and
forgetting all others remain faithful to her alone?
(Repeat for the bride using husband/him.)

Exchange of Vows
______, please repeat after me.

I, ______, take you ______…to be my wife…I pledge to share my life openly with you…to speak the truth to you in love…I promise to honor and
tenderly care for you…to cherish and encourage…your own fulfillment as an individual…through all the changes of our lives.
(Repeat for the bride.)

Giving of Rings
Bless oh God these rings, that they who give them and they who wear them abide in peace—living together in unity, and with the love they feel for
each other in this moment, forever.   Amen

______, this ring is a symbol of the unbroken unity of married life.  As such, you will place it on ______’s finger after repeating the following pledge:

I give you this ring…with all of my heart…let it always be to us…a symbol of our love…as a token of our faithfulness…each to the other…I place it now
upon your hand.
(Repeat for the bride.)

The Seven Blessings
First: Holy One of Blessing Your Presence fills creation, forming the fruit of the vine.

Second: Holy One of Blessing Your Presence fills creation, as all creation reflects your splendor.

Third: Holy One of Blessing Your Presence fills creation, giving life to each human being.

Fourth: Holy One of Blessing Your Presence fills creation, You created man and woman in Your image, each reflecting the image of God for the
other forever.  Blessed are You, Adonai our God, You give life to every being.

Fifth: Praised are you, Lord our God, who has given us a vision of the paradise we dream of creating with our lives and called it redemption.  We
praise you O Lord, who created the commitment of marriage as a foretaste of redemption.

Six: May these cherished friends rejoice in joy as You once rejoiced in Your creation of the Garden of Eden.  Holy One of Blessing Your Presence
radiates joy for the bride and the groom.

Seven:  Holy One of Blessing Your Presence fills creation, You created joy and gladness, bridegroom and bride, delight, song, laughter and gaiety,
love and harmony, peace and friendship.  May all Israel soon ring with voices of gladness and joy, voices of bridegrooms and brides, voices raised in
joyful weddings celebrations, voices lifted in festive singing.  Blessed are You, Adonai our God, who brings joy to the hearts of this loving couple.  

______ and ______ drink some of the wine.

Eternal God, source of life and love, of meaning and hope, bless this man and this woman, whom we bless in thy name; that they may strive earnestly
and honestly to live out the vows they have made, and to keep bright the covenant between them.  May their years together deepen that covenant,
the changing stages of their human journey ever renew it, and the challenges of life enrich it with strength, beauty and grace.   Amen

Pronouncement of Marriage
Having joined your hearts with the expression of your love, having promised each other all the joy of your days; by the authority vested in me by the
state of Hawaii and according to the traditions of Moses and Israel, it gives me great pleasure to pronounce that you are now Husband and Wife.

The Blessing upon the Marriage
O Thou, from whom all blessings flow, grant that the love of ______ and ______, may have its full nobility.  May their joys and their sorrows, their
pleasures and their duties, be met in a spirit of understanding, fortitude and wisdom.  May their home be a place of rich affection, and kindly
actions.  May it be a shelter from life’s storms, and the enduring abode of life’s deepest happiness.  Amen   

You may seal your covenant with a kiss.

The Breaking of the Glass
In the Jewish wedding ceremony the glass is broken by the groom signifying that what has been created today will never be recreated, that this
marriage is for now and always.  ______ this is a moment where you can rest solidly on the beautiful Jewish heritage in your life.  By stepping on and
breaking this glass, you claim that your union with ______, can be undone by no one.  (Mazel Tov)
Jewish Ceremony, Rev. Gary Canier
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